Choir auditions:

FireChoir is an open choir; we do not selectively pick only experienced people to join our choir. Our purpose is to give everyone who enjoys singing, and who can pass our simple audition, the opportunity to participate in a successful and vibrant professional choir. In our group audition everyone is asked to sing a familiar song in unison. While they are singing the director will pass by each person, listening to make sure each person can sing on pitch. No one is required to read music, we do not use written music. We use a different method.

Solo auditions:

FireChoir is open to people who are interested in singing solos. The audition process for solos is much more stringent and involves all areas of singing and stage presence. This includes rhythm, pitch, voice quality, tone, breath support, and facial and body expression to name a few of the things we evaluate. We also require soloists to be part of the choir and participate with the choir in all of the songs, learning our whole repertoire and being present for all concerts.